~ Who we are ~

Timber Hill Farm's events program is run us - we are husband and wife team Jen & Isaac Howe. We're experienced service professionals with decades of combined experience in every element of food and event service. We'll be with you from the moment you first contact us right through your big day! Our experience, commitment to quality and passion for every event provides couples with comfort, knowing we'll be there to answer any questions and help tackle any challenge or hiccup, and we've probably seen it before! 

We were the first to be married, on a June day, at our newly designed venue locale, which is perched overlooking the field where Isaac's parents Martina & Andy married on an October day 35 years prior.

~ What We Do ~

We receive constant support from the the larger farm team, and you'll find all members of the farm family, and our own family, involved throughout your event experience. Here at Timber Hill Farm we make all efforts to ensure your perfect event, and we'll use every resource we've got to do so!

Timber Hill Farm has always embodied a distinct spin on the traditional wedding venue, and our brand of event has its own unique feel. As a family farm with a farm team akin to family and your two families coming together we're appropriately all about the family feel and intimacy of your event. We'll help you display the wonderful uniqueness that defines who you are and who your family will be! We've got a pretty cool place to do it and an amazingly talented and diverse team to execute your perfect vision, all we need is you!

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