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Grass Fed, Pastured Beef

Three generations of Howes have raised cattle at Timber Hill Farm - a short stewardship relative to the farm's 200 year cattle history. Whether it was a few head for the original homesteaders, larger grazing commercial dairy herds, or robust New England beef/meat herds like ours, our bovine friends have dotted the pastures for centuries at Timber Hill Farm.


We raise our own unique & diverse, hearty herd of cattle specifically bred [ primarily from Belted Galloway ] to thrive in our abrasive New England climate. With an eye towards sufficiency, we grow and harvest our own feed - high nutrient & fermented round & square bale hay, augmented with fresh veggies and pasture grazing in the summer months. Our beef herd always has unlimited access to their hillside pastures, streams and wooded groves.

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USDA certified, butchered beef

[ regular cuts, available for sale locally, and exclusively, at Beans & Greens Farmstand ]

On the hoof, direct to customer

[ direct from the farm, slaughtered & custom cut by our local butcher connection, or yours ]

~ fill out this form for more info on our beef ~
or call directly: 603.387.5859 ]

Thank you, we'll reach out soon!

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