Local Grass Fed, Pastured Beef

Three generations of Howes have raised cattle at Timber Hill Farm - a short stewardship relative to the farm's 200 year cattle history. Whether it was a few head for the original homesteaders, the larger grazing commercial dairy herds, or robust New England beef/meat herds like, our bovine friends have dotted the pastures for centuries at Timber Hill Farm.


We currently have a diverse, primarily Belted Galway, herd of beef cattle raised for meat. Our cattle are fed high nutrient, fermented round bale hay, which is augmented with fresh veggies and pasture grazing in the summer months. Our animals always have access to their pastures and all their feed is grown and harvested on our farm.

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USDA certified, butchered beef

[ regular cuts, available for sale locally, and exclusively, at Beans & Greens Farmstand ]

On the hoof, direct to customer

[ direct from the farm, slaughtered & custom cut by our local butcher connection, or yours ]

$3.99 per pound* 

hanging weight, pre butchering ( w/avg yield 60% )

* subject to market fluctuations, please confirm pricing prior to order

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