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NH Images - Mark + Tianna

A great memory for us, this was one of first weddings on the farm, before we'd built our new venue locale.

A smaller wedding, this event was all about the lighting - from amazing back-lit and thuderhead photos, to the groom's custom tent lighting to the perfectly-timed evening bonfire sprinkles! 

NH Images - Ceremony in Meadows

alyssa parker - tanya + kyle

Our first wedding at our new tent venue, Tanya's detail centric Alice in Wonderland wedding was absolutley dreamy. From teacups & teaspoons to the Mad Hatter's table to Tanya's adorable tea dress this wedding was a unique take on the themed wedding. A huge assist from talented Jess at White Birch Floral Studio! 

Alyssa Parker - Mad Hatter Wedding Fun

Clifford Photography - Alix + Dan

We took the show on the road to execute this glorious top-of-the-hill wedding here in our hometown for an amazing local family. One of our favorites, this wedding featured all local vendors like Clifford Photography, Wayfarer Coffee Roasters, Timber Hill Farm and musician Jonathan Lorentz. 

Clifford Photo - Wedding Tent & Bonfire