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Local Non-GMO Produce

The Howe Family has been in the fresh produce business over 30 years and built the largest farmstand on the southern side of Lake Winnipesaukee; Beans & Greens Farm. Timber Hill Farm's produce can still be found at the farmstand, picked fresh daily, across the street and up the hill. We also run a wholesale produce program (you may see our foods in local Hannafords) in addition to servicing local farm-to-table and fresh-food centric caterers and restaurants.

We run a minimally invasive horticulture program and start most of our early season crops in greenhouses, before transplanting outside when New England decides to warm her soils for summer. Included in this transplanting are many acres of sweet corn, our staple crop and a Lakes Region favorite from July through late summer and into early fall.


We use as many natural fertilizers as possible (farm compost, wood ash, manure, turned rye), as well as biodegradable plastics in our raised beds. All our crops are raised in their natural environments with as few herbicides and pesticides as possible. We only use these when absolutely necessary (and specifically on corn), as the crops would not survive without them.  

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