Here on the farm, we've been raising fresh foods for generations. Our family-founded farmstand has run for 30 years and we've been hosting farm-to-table events for over a decade!


We don't believe in, or grow, genetically modified foods. We create a natural and organic food system; fresh whole foods raised in natural and traditional environments. We take great pride in the quality of our fresh produce & farm raised livestock.

Having a farm-to-table meal required at every event may sound restrictive, but local caterers and chefs generally love the opportunity to utilize fresh farm foods in their menus - fresh and healthy, our food promises to be one of your event's highlights!

** All events are required to source fresh food from our farm **

Brenda Upton -Timber Hill Farm - Farm-to-Table Menu
Timber Hill Farm: Fresh Strawberries
Timber Hill Farm - Lettuce Head
Timber Hill Farm - Corn and View
Timber Hill Farm - Fresh Tomatoes
Timber Hill Farm - Fresh Carrots
Timber Hill Farm; Farm Caprese
Timber Hill Farm - Roast Chicken
Timber Hill Farm - Farm Fresh Corn
Timber Hill Farm; Farm-to-Table Meal
Timber Hill Farm - Field Tomato
Timber Hill Farm - Farm Fresh Salad
Timber Hill Farm - Farm Buffet
Timber Hill Farm - Farm Caprese
Timber Hill Farm - Fresh Carrots
Timber Hill Farm - Serving Farm Food
Timber Hill Farm - Fresh Radishes
Timber Hill Farm - Eating Farm Corn