Building our barn

The timber frame Howe Barn was built in the same tradition as the other timber buildings on our farm over the past few hundred years; with pine harvested from our own forests, milled and fitted here on the farm.

The entire process of building a farm timber frame from scratch takes a few years (at least on our farm). The multi phase process involves many long days running chainsaws, tractors or the sawmill or wielding the sharpest chisels to make precise joinery cuts hundreds of times over. 

Timber Frame Buildings are a New England tradition, and one specific to our unique farming operation. The Howe Barn will be a longstanding homage to a traditional craft our farm embraces.


Winter Logging 

Farm Sawmill

Skidding out logs cut to length

Log Stacking

Fresh Cut Lumber Lot

Log Stacking

Barn Raising

Timber Carpentry

Bents Assembled Pre-Raising